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Engaging Curriculams

At Little Millennium Velachery, we pride ourselves on offering a curriculum that effectively nurtures and develops children's personalities and minds. Our carefully designed programs are aimed at fostering holistic growth, allowing children to unlock their full potential.

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Extra Curricular Activities

Immerse your children in a wide range of carefully curated extracurricular activities to help them develop and enhance their social skills. Our thoughtfully selected programs offer valuable opportunities for your children to interact with others, fostering communication, teamwork, and collaboration in a fun and engaging environment.

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Fun & Cultural Events

We prioritize creating a joyful and culturally enriching environment for children by organizing a wide range of fun-filled events. Our aim is to foster a friendly atmosphere that not only brings them happiness but also nurtures their minds in a positive way.

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Our Services

Our Best Services for your Kids

Preschool Services

The best Preschool In Velachery With a curriculum designed to promote cognitive, social, and emotional development, our preschool program sets the foundation for lifelong learning success. Trust us to provide the best possible start for your child's educational future.


Discover the ultimate playschool services in velachery for your little ones! Ensure they receive the best care and education by choosing from our carefully curated selection of top-notch playschools. Give your children a head start in their educational journey with our trusted and reliable services. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your kids!

Daycare & Nursery

Discover the perfect daycare and nursery school where your little ones can truly feel like they are in a second home. Our goal is to provide an exceptional and nurturing experience for your children, ensuring their utmost well-being and happiness.


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