Nurturing Young Minds: Choosing the Best Preschool in Velachery

Select the best preschool & playschool for your Kids!


We are welcoming you wholeheartedly to little millennium velachery, a second home for early childhood education! If you are looking for a best preschool and playschool in velachery to flame up your children’s creativity and curiosity, you are in the right place. In this blog we will give you a deeper insight why choosing the right school for your children matters and why to choose a little millennium for your kids?

The Importance of Preschool Education:

Preschool helps your children to build the foundation of future success by enhancing their cognitive, emotional and social development. At Little Millennium Velachery, we closely monitor their activities and recognize the consequences of these primary years of your children and are dedicated to creating an environment that not only teaches your kids but also motivates and implants an interest for learning and creativity.

Key Features of Little Millennium Velachery:

Learning is fun:

Our world-class curriculum is thoughtfully curated to give learning with fun-filled experience. Through fun-filled learning, children will develop more essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, social interaction. Our vast classroom areas have mindful spaces where creativity is most encouraged, and all the innovation is celebrated.

Qualified and Caring Educators:

Our team of well-certified teachers are not only teaching experts in preschool education but also highly-spritted passionate professionals about enhancing young minds' creativity. They understand each and every kid’s unique talent and tailor their teaching method to ensure a personalized and caring learning journey.

Safe and Stimulating Facilities:

Little Millennium Velachery provides modern and secure facilities curated to provide a favorable learning environment. Our classrooms are designed with age-based educational resources, and proper safety measures. These supreme facilities have been provided to children to ensure parent’s peace of mind entrusting their child to our care.

Holistic Development:

We provide world-class premium academics to foster holistic development. Our curriculum helps to bifurcate activities that revitalize cognitive growth, emotional intelligence and social development. Little Millennium Velachery aims to mold children not only academically but also emotionally and socially to face the future challenges.

Parent Involvement:

We always believe that a child’s education is a combination of children and parents and teachers' effort. At Little Millennium Velachery, we encourage parent’s participation through regular coummunication methods, parent-teacher meetings, and conducting events. We value the insights and suggestions and contributions of parents in molding their child’s educational journey

Choosing Little Millennium Velachery:

Selecting the right preschool and playschool is a crucial decision and little millennium velachery stands out as a center of excellence in early childhood education. We aims to provide a holistic learning experience, a safe and promotes creativity and innovation also a love for lifelong learning makes us ther preferred choice for parents who prioritize the best start for their child’s educational journey.

Get an admission at little millennium velachery and witness the magic of learning in a safe and innovative environment. Our playschool and daycare is not just an educational center, it's a second home for your children where young minds bloom. Visit Little Millennium Velachery to experience more about our programs and amenities. Lets celebrate this wonderful journey of early childhood education together! Because Learning is Fun!

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Parent's Testimonial

Pavithra Mathiazhagan

Little millennium is one of the finest preschool in Chennai … kids love being there ! school is well equipped and it’s colourful… fully air conditioned classroom! Kids enjoying their school .

Sujatha S

Little millennium is an excellent pre school to start your kids education. They use various teaching methods equipped with amazing curriculum. All the teachers and staff are extremely understanding and caring.

Surendharan Raju

Good School to start your Children's education. My daughter feels excited to go to school every day. There's a fantastic curriculum followed. The day care is also good.


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